Makeover experience at the exotic world of tradirional Japan

JAPANESE special phMakeover experience at KYOTOto studio "Angelle"
Makeover experience at the exotic world of tradirional JAPAN.

Makeover experience at KYOTO


Will I be able to get a photo shoot without a reservation?

Priority will be given to the customers with reservations, so we recommend that you make your reservation in advance. Moreover, for those customers who make their reservations on the same day they want their photo shoot, they may not get many choices of the photo shoot plans.

Will I be allowed to decide on the photo shoot plan on the day of the photo shoot?

Our offer is based on reservations, so if you decide in advance, chances are better for you to get your photo shoot, using the plan that you want.

Will my companion who will not be getting the photo shoot be allowed to look around the premises?

We welcome your companions to our premises, but due to the fact that we ask those customers getting their photo shoots soon to gather at the site, we ask that your companions wait on the reception floor while you are being photographed and while you are being made up.

Are there any preparations I need to make for the day of my photo shoot?

If you have bras whose straps are removable or "nude bras", please bring them. Moreover, we recommend that you wear undergarments in skin color.

Will I be able to get made up wearing my contact lenses?

If your are wearing soft contact lenses, you will be able to get made up without removing them. If you are wearing hard contact lenses, sometimes your eyes are bloodshot and you might tear up, so we ask that you remove them before getting made up.

May I come having already made up?

There is no problem. When you do so, please wear as light a makeup as possible, with no mascara nor eye lines.

Will my eyelash extensions cause any problems?

It it is all right to get made up with your eyelash extension on, there should be no problem.

Will male customers be able to get dressed up in female costumes?

We are sorry but this studio is a metamorphosis photo studio for the exclusive use of female customers.

The photo shoot be made with my own camera?

After your makeup, it is possible to take a photo with your camera. However, when there are other customers around, we ask that you refrain from taking photos with your camera in the studio, during your makeup and after your photo shoot.

Will the makeup be safe for my delicate skin?

We have on hand makeup supplies for your use, so those customers who have sensitive skin are welcome to bring their own basic cosmetics, foundation and cosmetic. cosmetic supplies. We will be happy to do their makeup, using what they have brought.

I am worried if there is a costume in the size that fits me.

We have prepared costumes in sizes from 7 to 13. For those customers who cannot find any size to fit them, they can bring their own costumes, so please consult us about it in advance.

Will I be able to personally select my photographs?

Yes, you will be able to select the photographs yourself. You will also be able to ask the cameraman to make the choice for you.

How long will it take before I get the products and the optional items that come with my plan?

For customers who live overseas, we will give them to them on the day of their photo shoot.

Can I pay with my credit card?

Yes, it is possible to pay with your credit card.

Will I have to pay a cancellation fee if I cancelled my photo shoot?

We regret that we expect you to pay 100% of the cancellation fee if your cancelled your photo shoot on the day it has been scheduled and 70% of it if you cancelled on the day before. We ask you to inform us if you are compelled to cancel.

Is it possible to buy additional photograph data beyond the number that comes with my plan?

Yes, it is possible to buy additional 2L-size photographs at the cost of 1,900 yen (excluding tax) each.